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Il giorno Tue, 26 Jun 2007 00:03:54 +0200
Benoit Minisini <gambas at ...1...> ha scritto:

> On lundi 25 juin 2007, David Paleino wrote:
> > First of all, I can't find any documentation about the gb.ldap
> > component. Is it so unused? :-)
> Apparently...

How should I proceed to document the component and auto-document
myself? Apparently I should read the source code...

> > Secondly, it might seem a silly problem, but I can't show the "&"
> > character in Message boxes. I don't think it's that normal :-). I've
> > also tried to escape it ("\&"), but it gives me an error ("Bad
> > character constant in string"). Using PRINT it works, i.e. the "&"
> > character shows up.
> Which GUI toolkit and Gambas version do you use? 

It's a GTK project, with Gambas 1.9.49.

> Anyway, '&' indicates a shortcut. Maybe by writing it twice, you will
> get it?

I'm rather new to Gambas, I didn't know & was a shortcut _also_ in
Message boxes. I thought it was only for menus.

When I run my project, in console I have:

gContainer() 135452672
ldap_init is correct.

The last line is a PRINT strLdapQuery.
But Message.Info(strLdapQuery) shows:

( (debbugsID=foo)(debbugsPackage=bar))

The "&" character wasn't "now shown", was "converted to a space".
In fact, if I double it ("&&"), I get a double space in Message.Info():

(  (debbugsID=foo)(debbugsPackage=bar))

However I think that shortcuts in Message boxes are useless: they
should be used only in menus. Am I wrong?

> Regards,

Have a nice day,

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