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Scott Castaline hscast at ...407...
Mon Jun 25 19:34:22 CEST 2007

Benoit Minisini wrote:
> On lundi 25 juin 2007, Scott Castaline wrote:
>> I'm basically in the same boat. My programming days goes back to the
>> 70's and consisted of IBM 360/370 COBOL and 8080 Assembler as well as
>> 6800 Assembler. All in school environments as part of my EET degree. I'm
>> just looking for a simple approach to make life a little easier for my
>> wife. She has an extremely large case load and spends many hours at it.
>> Even though her gross income is fairly decent even for here in the ATL
>> area, with all of the time and effort she probably truly makes only
>> about $1.00/hr. gross. Since we don't know what the near future holds,
>> to really spend the time or money for a more complex app doesn't make
>> sense at this time. But if things work out I would probably want to be
>> able to take whatever I threw together and make a real app out of it.
> There is not report designer in Gambas yet, but generating OpenOffice 
> documents is easy, as OpenOffice are "just" compressed XML files.
> Making an OpenOffice document from scratch is of course difficult, but if you 
> have an example of your report as an OpenOffice document, you can use it as a 
> template. 
> Put some markups inside, make a copy of the document, uncompress it, replace 
> these markups by the real data at runtime, and compress it back.
> It becomes more difficult if you want to fill a table, for example. Maybe a 
> sort of OpenOffice component for Gambas would be useful then.
> Regards,
The sort function that you mention sounds like something that I could 
use for now. Essentially all of her data is layed out in table formats 
on M$Office Spreadsheets. The problems stem from when she removes lines 
when clients are discharged from the program. She eventually loses cell 
format info and I'll have to go in and find that fields changed from 
date to text or numeric to something else, as well as font styles and 
size. It tends to increase the amount of time required inputing data and 
printing out the data in correct formats. If I could treat the data 
seperate from the form and then allow the programs to take the modified 
data and output it, I think would be a good temporary fix. This would 
allow me time to learn(or relearn) what I need to learn about Gambas to 
do the app I really want for her and to find out what the future holds 
out for her. As I have said earlier, we're not even sure if she and 
others like her will have a job after Oct or the end of the year.

If my sending attachments of my templates would clarify what I'm dealing 
with, let me know and I'll convert the forms on her system to OOo Calc 
and send them to you other direct or through the list.


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