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Scott Castaline hscast at ...407...
Mon Jun 25 19:19:31 CEST 2007

Rolf Schmidt wrote:
> Hi Scott 
>> I'm  just looking for a simple approach to make life a little easier for my
>> wife. She has an extremely large case load and spends many hours at it.
>> Even though her gross income is fairly decent even for here in the ATL
>> area, with all of the time and effort she probably truly makes only
>> about $1.00/hr. gross. Since we don't know what the near future holds,
>> to really spend the time or money for a more complex app doesn't make
>> sense at this time. But if things work out I would probably want to be
>> able to take whatever I threw together and make a real app out of it.
> So why didn't you look to solutions in a different area like project 
> management software. Most of this software uses databases as well and you can 
> connect to it with a gambas programm for special data extraction, which you 
> might develop for a longer time. For example easyProject and other open 
> source project management software has features to manage the project members 
> with address and telefon numbers and the time they are avaliable to the 
> project. Further on they  may help you in calculate the costs depending on 
> the time they work for the project(parts). You usually have a database 
> (usually mySQL - some my favorit PostgreSQL) and of course a webserver like 
> apache. All you have to do is to read a little bit about project management, 
> configure the software, teach your wife in how to use the software. Of course 
> you "abuse" project management software for a different job, but at least and 
> as far as I understand your writing correctly, your wife does something like 
> managing projects and or parts of a (big) project.
> My writing shoudn't scare you from programming with gambas, but it might be a 
> quick (perhas not perfect) solution for your problem.
> So stay on hacking with gambas
> Rolf.
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Definitely planning on doing other hacking projects in Gambas, I might 
still go ahead and do a project based on my wife's work. I will 
definitely check out your suggestions. As I've said, for the immediate 
time I want to be able to just throw together a quicky that'll allow 
both of us access to a central data pool (DB) to add edit the data as 
well as pull out the data in report formats that are similar to the 
spreadsheet templates currently being used. Thanks for the input.


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