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I... wow, in short, extensive. In long, I was mearly asking originally about
the programming since I'm sort of new still to programming, I've learned it
before but the basic steps so I understood most of what I read. Since still
in HS and no job and at night, it's really over my head right now. I'd love
to help if I could, if I knew how to program. Since I could spend usually
from here to the end of the week around 11 hours a day on any project
(Summer Break has to have some benefits) but, still way over my head. Sorry,
I just, first I apologize for starting something that big. Second, I read it
all and interested (eh, I'm just a sucker for nobel causes :P) and would
love to know how to help, if I could at all.

On 6/24/07, Scott Castaline <hscast at ...407...> wrote:
> Erik Vega wrote:
> > It's actually quite interesting with me. I'd love to hear more about
> this,
> > then again I love anything that deals with software and programming.
> Love to
> > hear more, even if it's irrelevant and a bit off-topic.
> >
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> Okay, you asked for it. You may want to grab a beer before continuing.
> We live in the Atlanta area of Georgia of the US of A. My wife is what
> they call a Service Coordinator or in some cases a Case Manager in the
> areas Early Intervention Program known as Babies Can't Wait in the
> Health District we live in. Her function is as an advocate for
> developmentally delayed infants. She assists the family in getting
> needed services for the child, such as Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy,
> Occupational Therapy, just to list a couple of things that I know of.
> The state of Georgia has in the past 1 - 2 years has started to make
> changes to the program affecting various groups in the program as well
> as making cuts in funds.
> Okay, (forgive me Lord for I will be sinning) here comes the part where
> I rant. An idea of what is going on can be explained in a TV ad that the
> Democratic challanger to the Governor used in his campaign. It showed an
> empty adaptive wheelchair sitting in a dark room. The message was that
> the Governor, had cut money to the disabled, so that he could give
> himself and other rich business people major tax breaks. Which had some
> truth to it, not all. What is happening is that these kids are being
> divided up and placed into different funded groups. You have some that
> don't meet criteria so are direct billed to the state, those are not a
> problem. Then the very few that are Medicaid, also no problem. The
> problem is with 3 groups that are called CMO's. Sonny says (the
> Governor) that things are working great. The CMO's are making a profit,
> the state is saving money. Well yeh, the CMO's are getting paid by the
> state, but either don't pay the providers or take a very long time to
> pay. There are some therapists that have just gotten paid recently for
> services provided almost a year ago, and then they've held back or
> denied payment on some services. My wife originally started back in 1998
> sub- contracting to the program through another company that handled the
> billing and other administrative functions. They had to go out of
> business leaving about 35 to 50 people to have to fend for themselves.
> My wife of course is one of them, and is now contracted directly to the
> county's program BCW. I'm handling the billing and application process
> for her. Now the clincher, the state has just published guidelines to
> individual counties as to how they can restructure themselves. It looks
> like my wife's position could disappear. A speech therapist or a
> Physical Therapist, or whatever would now be expected to do Service
> Coordination as well as what they are supposed to be doing. Problem is
> that a lot of the Therapist's have stopped being providers because they
> couldn't afford to wait so long to be paid and then get paid for only
> half of what they were supposed to get. That is why I just want to throw
> something quick together, but something that I could then either go in
> and put in the needed time and work to fix up or replace. Ok end of rant.
> Basically I figured that based on the data my wife works with and that
> some of that data is reused in the billing side, I felt this called for
> using a DBMS of some sort. I am familiar with MySQL version 4.x and have
> started playing around with 5.0.1. I came up with 3 tables. The first
> table is similar to an address book, with client name, address,
> caregiver (usually parent or some guardian), a phone number(I'm thinking
> of 2 fields for a primary number and an alternate number might also use
> check boxes for home, cell, work, fax, not sure if I need that part),
> type of billing whether Medicaid, State Funded, Peach State Health Plan(
> 1 of the 3 CMO's), and Amerigroup (2nd of the 3 CMO's). The 3rd CMO
> refuses to pay for service coordination or provide it themselves, so
> that one doesn't matter. The last field would be in most cases a
> Medicaid number or an assigned number by the CMO. I was planning on
> using an autogenerated numbering system for indexing.
> One child table could be compared to an item table in an inventory
> control DB. The record would contain a medical code number referred as
> the ICD9 which is related to the diagnosis (ie: Cerebral Palsy). I would
> then have a 3rd field that contain the value from autogenerated field in
> the parent table for a particular client. The relation would be multiple
> records in the child table to one record in the parent table, through
> the clientID (autogenerated field in Parent Table, and 3rd field in
> child). I think the key for this child table could be the ICD9.
> The other Child Table would be a more involved version as the first
> child. My wife has to have at least one face to face visit(contact) with
> the client and caregiver and at least 3 indirects(phone calls, or other
> means) that can be with client/caregiver or a therapist. This table
> would track by date, type of contact, if face to face one of two
> possible locations and notes about the contact. The notes are not fixed
> in length but are definitely not books not even chapters.
> Data entry, would be centered around the parent, which only needs to be
> inputted once unless there are changes such as phone number change or
> moved to another address. The first child would be entered most likely
> at the same time as the client into the parent table, but a means to be
> able to put more that one record per client. The second child table
> would not necessarily be used at the time of initial entry of client
> into the Parent Table and the first Child Table. I would need to be able
> to pull up a record of an existing client and enter info pertaining to
> the 2nd child. So a query of the parent to find a particular client and
> then the option to add data to the 2nd child that is related to the
> query d client. The clientID field would again come into play for this
> child. The field can be manually filled in by user as I realize that
> this would involve logic that I'm not sure of to automate. It's
> something that I could do later.
> Reporting would be done once a month where one would need some fields
> from the Parent and the second child. A separate report for each client
> sorted by client and then the child info (contacts need to be sorted by
> date and show dat of contact, type of contact, (see description above),
> location of contact (if face to face), and the notes. Right now she uses
> a spreadsheet template that puts the client info and her name/title and
> date (month/year) as a header. The rest of the page is divided into 4
> horizontal sections that repeat themselves broken up into the date,
> type, location, and notes. In some cases the notes for a particular
> contact will flow into multiple sections (1 to 3 sections in rows).
> Another report would be one of the billings directly to BCW. I am
> currently using a spreadsheet template that has last name, first name,
> Medicaid #, or State Funds, or State Funds/CMO Name, or even the comment
> of evalution/Not eligible, the date of face to face and dates of the
> first 3 indirects, and a final field of bill amount for client. This
> also contains a header of the form name, wife's name/title, month/year
> and a vendor #. I have room for 18 rows for clients and leaving 4 rows
> open for stamping by county accounting along with page total. Each apge
> looks the same with the final page containing the subtotal of each page
> and the final total. I'm not sure of how to determine the bill amount.
> The clients that are straight State Funds are billed one amount the Not
> Eligible another amount, dependent upon time involved (hourly rate), and
> CMOs and Medicaid are $0.00 amount since we bill direct but have to
> report it on this bill. The other bills are handled separately and at
> this time I'm not planning to include this in the billing part yet. I
> have forms that have to be hand written and mailed in, but I need to be
> able to pull up the info for reference from all 3 tables. This I think
> could be handled on a multilevel query, by client list all diag codes,
> and contacts for month.
> I guess that's about it for now, there is another report that my wife
> does that is similar to my state billing. I apologize for my extensive
> use of bandwidth, and hope that I didn't destroy too many peoples day or
> now night(late night for me). I can also attach the forms in OOo format
> on a future email if interested. I need time to convert some of them
> from M$Office to OOo. The billing I have in OOo already.
> Any suggestions or help, I would be forever indebted and if you come
> through Lawrenceville, GA., there's a place that serves real cold
> Guiness Stout Draft nearby.
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