[Gambas-user] Quicky app

Scott Castaline hscast at ...407...
Mon Jun 25 00:32:25 CEST 2007

Rob wrote:
> On Sunday 24 June 2007, Rob wrote:
>> On Sunday 24 June 2007, Scott Castaline wrote:
>>> Also, another glitch, my wife's PC is M$ Win2K, while mine is
>>> Linux (FC6) and anything I create now maybe unusable within 5 to
>> desktop program, you may be out of luck.  RealBASIC is available
>> for both Windows and Linux, but costs money.  I haven't had any
> Or you could just look into Openoffice's form and report creation 
> tools, since Openoffice is free and works fine under Windows and 
> Linux and is pretty stable (just a lot more resource intensive than 
> Gambas.)  
> Just make sure when you're creating your database that you're making a 
> MySQL database and not just a local OpenOffice database.
> Rob
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I had originally started by trying to use OpenOffice's built in form and 
report creator and was unable to get the child form to work properly 
with the parent. Of course I was using the built in db Base. Is it 
possible to create the forms in Gambas and then the reports in OOo? Also 
  I presume I create the db in MySQL first, (tables and relations etc) 
then in Gambas create the connection and forms? How about Queries? Can I 
do that in Gambas? Queries generally use forms for the UI, correct?

Again TIA

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