[Gambas-user] SHELL problems

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Tue Jun 19 18:06:39 CEST 2007

You want to use 'sudo'
man sudo
Using sudo, you can run a program as root while logged in as another user

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> Hi all,
> I know it's a bit of topic, but i'l try anyway :
> In certain circumstances i need to install a printer
> in the CUPS printer system.
> With a few shell commands, thats no problem, but ....
> I need to go into root -mode (su), to be able to perform this.
> The user (and i for that) know the root password.
> I cannot find a way to 
> - set the root password from a bash script,    or
> - convey the password question to the user and let him type it.
> I donnot want to enable root accounts without a password for the obvious 
> raisons, however there is not much securety risk with the end-user. It's just 
> a work-station with no important data, and all is allways backed-up.
> Anybody has any ideas ?
> Steven
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