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Thu Jun 7 11:20:18 CEST 2007

On jeudi 07 juin 2007, nogueira_jr wrote:
> Hi Benoit:
> It would like that you it detailed the use of translations.
> Already I qualified my program for multi-languages and I wrote the texts in
> English and Spanish.
> I created an executable.
> When beginning the program, it is in my language default (Portuguese).
> Start a window of the console and I made:
> export LANG=en_US
> export LANGUAGE=en_US
> and start my program again (Still inside of the window)
> ... and the program opens in my language default (Portuguese)!
> The same thing with the Spanish...
> What it is necessary to make?
> What I am making made a mistake?
> In manuals I did not find as to visualize the translations.
> You could give more information on the translations???
> I and all the members of the list would be very happy!!!!
> With admiration for its work with Gambas
> Nogueira

Another important point I forgot: the glibc support for the language must be 
installed, as Gambas relies on glibc functions for translating messages.

For example, on Mandriva, if I want to be able to see spanish translations, I 
have to install the package 'locales-es'.


Benoit Minisini

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