[Gambas-user] View translations 2

nogueira_jr nogueira_jr at ...172...
Thu Jun 7 04:43:41 CEST 2007

Hi Benoit: 

It would like that you it detailed the use of translations. 
Already I qualified my program for multi-languages and I wrote the texts in 
English and Spanish. 
I created an executable. 
When beginning the program, it is in my language default (Portuguese). 

Start a window of the console and I made: 
export LANG=en_US 
export LANGUAGE=en_US 
and start my program again (Still inside of the window) 
... and the program opens in my language default (Portuguese)! 
The same thing with the Spanish... 
What it is necessary to make? 
What I am making made a mistake? 

In manuals I did not find as to visualize the translations. 
You could give more information on the translations??? 

I and all the members of the list would be very happy!!!! 

With admiration for its work with Gambas 

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