[Gambas-user] Validate Event and CausesValidation

Dani Santos jose.santos at ...429...
Wed Oct 19 13:45:37 CEST 2005

Let's suposse a simple form with Ok and Cancel buttons.

I need to validate the contents of some textboxes before focus is lost
outside the control. I also need a Cancel Button so, if pressed, doesn't
cause validation in any control of the form. (Exactly the same behaviour
my old VB had).

I haven't had much sucess implementing in the LostFocus event. It would
be nicer if the validation would take place before the focus was lost.

I have not figured out how to do it: I could control the Tab KeyPress in
an event but the user always could use the mouse to go to the next

Any idea?

Thanks in advance!

José Daniel Santos Delgado
Programador del IESO Quercus (Malpartida de Plasencia)
Tfno: 927010850         Fax: 927010851

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