[Gambas-user] Errata Sheet for the Gambas Book

John Rittinghouse jr at ...1090...
Fri Oct 14 20:23:14 CEST 2005


I have posted an Errata sheet on the ftp download site with corrections
to the book as they are reported and fixed.  I truly appreciate the
feedback and will make every effort to correct and update the book to
keep it current.  The Errata sheet will always be current for the latest
changes.  For those of you that have already downloaded the book (460+
downloads so far), the corrected copy of the .pdf file will be available
on the Monday following an error report.  

There are instances where a few of the code snippets will be wrong in
the book (intentionally) btw.  When this happens, the text in the
paragraphs surrounding such bad code will usually explain why it won't
work or why it is bad code.  As an example, one of the sample programs
calls a help file that is non-existent.  The text in the book explains
that you need to put a .html file in the program directory for it to

Finally, one more bit of good news to those who use Linspire - the book
will be available in the CNR Warehouse for download in a week or so. 


John W. Rittinghouse, Ph.D., CISM

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