[Gambas-user] IDE sizing problems

Scott Castaline hscast at ...407...
Fri Oct 14 18:50:04 CEST 2005

Can anyone tell me why the apperrance of the IDE has changed? I am 
running on Ubuntu (Warty 4.10) which uses Gnome for its Desktop 
Environment. When I first installed Gambas everything appearred alright. 
The next time I started it, the graphics seemed to have changed. The 
startup splash screen text got larger and seems to be covered over by 
something. The text in the dialog boxes in creating a new project got 
larger than the form was designed for so some of it cannot be seen. Then 
when the IDE starts up, the Project Manager window is stretched out so 
that I can't see the bottom of it, and all text is very disportinate. It 
seems as though it changed screen resolution, but only for Gambas, 
everything else is normal.

Attached is a screen shot of the Gambas IDE, hopefully that will explain 
my problem. As they say a picture is worth 1,000 words.


Scott Castaline

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