[Gambas-user] Cannot find driver for database: mysql (Oh no, another one)

Werner werda at ...1000...
Mon Oct 10 05:42:32 CEST 2005

I know the standard answer is: Install mysql devel.

There are 2 pc's on an intranet:

Machine A:
SuSE 9.3
mysql 4.021-4.2
mysql-Max 4.021-4.2
mysql-client 4.021-4.2
mysql-devel 4.021-4.2
On this machine MySql was downgraded from 4.1xx-xx.

Machine B:
mysql 4.021-4.6 (suse update from -4.2)
mysql-Max 4.021-4.6 (suse update from -4.2)
mysql-client 4.021-4.2
mysql-devel 4.021-4.2

On Machine A Gambas can connect to MySql running on itself or on machine 
B. Both connections work.
Machine B cannot connect to MySql at all.

I compared the location of the files on both machines and could not find 
any discrepancies. The devel files are in /usr/include/mysql and are 
identical as they should be.

There is a deadline looming at the end of the week. Please feed me with 
ideas what I could try.

Many thanks.

Werner Dahn

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