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Nelson Ferraz nferraz at ...184...
Wed Oct 22 13:45:12 CEST 2003

danielcampos at ...282... wrote:

>>Well, about network component, it is stable enough to be called 'beta'
>>>version, all least all the functionallity it has now:
>>Thanks for the feedback!
>>(I think we could write an brand new article about the SDL >component! 
>>Let me know if you're interested... :))
>  Well, I'm interested in SDL, but the problem is that I
> don't know very much about it. I played a little with SDL
> a time ago, but I was only a game for me.

Oh, what I really wanted to say was an article about the NETWORK 
component. But thanks for the remarks regarding SDL! I'll upload these 
to the wiki so we can continue working on it.



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