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Tue Oct 21 19:28:30 CEST 2003

Luke Cliff wrote:

> Would a french translation be of actual english translation, or of the 
> french languages structure in translation from say english...
> ie. In english I write...
> If This_1 AND That AND NOT This_2 then.....
> would a French translation be
> This_1 AND That AND NOT This_2 if....

I understand that the translation shouldn't affect the programming 
language, only the development environment and, in some cases, error 

Otherwise we'd end up with several incompatible languages! (Even though 
they'd share the same bytecode... but I still think it wouldn't be a 
good idea)

Anyway, we could copy a feature from Perl and implement source filters, 
which translate the source code before it is parsed. Then, we could do 
something like this:

	USE French;

	This AND That AND NOT This if...

This is an incredibly useful feature in Perl. Right now, there are some 
modules that implement Perl6 behavior in Perl5, so we can program in 
Perl6 before the language is released.



Nelson Ferraz

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