[Gambas-user] Networking 0.0.12

daniel danielcampos at ...277...
Mon Oct 20 19:43:51 CEST 2003

> Hi, Daniel.
> I feel ashamed, because I didn't look at your code seriously yet. I can spend 
> very few time on Gambas at the moment...

Well, don't worry, days are too short, that's what I always think.
However you'll have some extra days as I'm now 'stopped' with a terrible
flu. :)
> Of course you will have an big entry in the hall of fame. I just wanted to 
> look your code more deeply.
> I just want to suggest you other names for some constants, methods and 
> property, and, more important, I must check that you used the GB.Watch() API 
> correctly so that you let the event loop do all the watching process. I mean:  
> that you called blocking system calls like accept() cleverly so that the 
> event loop can do its job.



Daniel Campos

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