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Thu Oct 16 17:29:36 CEST 2003


 Here's a new release of networking component:

--> I've finished Serial Port class interface, and i've also improved
ClientSocket class:

--> Previous versions could handle a maximun size of 1024 bytes
when receiving data, now , memory is allocated dinamically in the
range 1-65536 bytes, so bigger packets can be received at once.
This is valid also for serial port method "GetData"

--> Documentation and examples updated

 Next step will be finish ServerSocket class, and then, a 0.1.0 version,
in which I will make no more changes except bug fixes, as I think
all basic networking tasks are covered with this component. I have
to work now on XML component, and after that, more networking component

By the way, Benoît , I don't want to be famous :), but I would like
to have a place in "Hall of Fame" as Networking (and may be XML)
programmer as i'd like to let people contact with me to talk about
these components. If you want a brief description of me:

--> Daniel Campos Fernández, 29 years old.
--> Spain, living at Madrid, but I hate big towns.
--> I began "BASIC" programming with a ZX-81 (yes, Spectrum didn't
exists at this time), when I was 9 years old. Then my brother bought a
MSX from sony, in which I began to learn Assembler (Z-80). My first PC
was a gift from my parents, a PC-1512 from Amstrad (512Kb, 8086 cpu,
what a montster!). I began to learn C and C++ (a compiler from Borland
in two 5 1/4 disks, that I had to switch continuosly as PC had no hard
--> Currently i'm a programmer working with C, C++, Visual Basic, Linux,
Windows, FreePascal, Delphi, C# and all the stuff that costumers can
--> Main characteristic : I love imagine how could I make work complex
things in languages that, like Visual Basic, are supposed to be poor and
simple. I love my girlfriend, Montse, too.


Daniel Campos <danielcampos at ...282...>
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