[Gambas-user] Mouse event problem

ron ronstk at ...239...
Tue Oct 14 09:31:09 CEST 2003

Hi Beboit,

I have a listbox with multi select enabled. When I select some items and click 
with the right mouse button for the popup Menu then the mark state for the 
item where the mouse is over reverse.
The function I want to use is to select some items in the listbox and then
on the popup menu make a selection what to do with them.

According the KDE Standards at 
Right Button:
If the clicked object is marked, it does not change any of the marks. 
If the clicked object is not marked, the object is marked and any other 
objects are unmarked. 
Then a popup menu (RMB-menu) appears where the user has clicked. 
The RMB-menu contains the most important actions available for the marked 

When I am right they are talking here in the situation of multi selection.
Konqueror as filemanager works this way.

As described it should mark but no unmark the item, as it does now, and unmark 
the other marked if the item is not marked, as it does not.
Is this posible a small bug? It's now difficult to use the popup menu for me.

grts Ron

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