[Gambas-user] BUG: IDE crash

ron ronstk at ...239...
Wed Oct 8 01:05:04 CEST 2003

Hi Fabien,

Thanks for your responce, I did it by making the missing directory, but the
stuf in the .gambas/gambas.conf has nothing about 'SelOpen'

Another problem is the font in the blue bars and on page 1 the textbox to 
enter the filename. I switched from 15" to 18" 1024 to 1280px and I can't 
read it now. Increase of size is 20% but the font looks less then 50% of the 
size before. This problem is in Gambas IDE also for the class/form/module 
I could solve it by edit by hand the .qtrc file. There is a font for default 
use for the widgets but that works only if the programmer does not give  a 
font and size on the widgets. Also if the programmer choose a font it is not 
always at the users site available. The buttons on the Toolbox has the same 
problem with the font. 

BTW I am still working with v0.70.

> hi Ron
> I'm sorry  it's an other bug on my selector... humm
> just go in the .gambas directory and open the ...conf file .
> Next delete the info between comma after 'SelOpen', it will run good now.
> And i'm trying to correct all my bugs (or near) in this afternoon. And send
> my work in this mailgroup. Fabien Bodard

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