[Gambas-user] non gui possibilities

Jochen Georges jochen.georges at ...22...
Thu Mar 13 22:47:09 CET 2003

hello gambaistis,

question 1:
can i write gambas programs without gui?

question 2:
can i write gambas-programs (with different options), which could 
be controlled/executed by the shell?
like this :
jochen at ...23...:~$  my-gambas-program --option_bla | something_else 

i ask, because i think that one advance of most of the gnu/linux 
programs is, that they can be controlled/executed by the shell 
(which is a assumption for using the program in shellscripts!!!)  
_and_ by gui.
like cdrecord, i can use cdrecord with shellcommands and i can use 
a gui-program like xcdroast, which is a 
frontend/"gui-remote-control" for cdrecod.

i tried different ways, but i was not lucky.

thanks for any hint.

beste gruesse

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