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Fri Mar 7 23:22:47 CET 2003

Benoît Minisini schrieb:

>Le Dimanche 2 Mars 2003 23:38, Charlie a écrit :
>>Salut Benoit,
>>me again, have changed this ?
>>Before , i'm realy shure, Last.tag returned the tag of the last clicked
>>Now the return value is the last owner of the value TRUE.
>LAST returns the control that raised the last event.
>For example,
>SUB MyButton_Click()
>  PRINT LAST ' Here, it is MyButton
>  ShowModalDialog ' Show a modal dialog
>  PRINT LAST ' Here, LAST has changed, because of the modal dialog
>Did you confused with that ? Or is your problem something else ?
Salut Benoit,

yes I think, ( and I can read it below) I wasn't exect in my explication.
My problem is:
     3 Radiobuttons on a form,
    grouped in rbCompress,
    each has a tag 'no' , 'z' and 'j'
    so each time I click into one of them,
    rbCompress_Click raise.
    here the code
PUBLIC SUB rbCompress_Click()
  sCompress = LAST.tag
  SELECT CASE sCompress
    CASE "no"
      lblExt.text = ".tar"
      sCompress = ""
    CASE "z"
      lblExt.text = ".tar.gz"
    CASE "j"
      lblExt.text = ".tar.bz2"
PRIVATE SUB   makeTarget()
  sTarget = txtTarget.text & txtFile.text & lblExt.text

in gambas-0.44 when  rbCompress_Click raises the LAST.tag was the tag of 
the Radiobutton
I clicked into.
Now the  LAST.tag passed to sCompress is the tag of the last owner of 
one of the tree Radiobuttons
which value was TRUE.

I attache you targamb where I have this problem, look what happend at 
This is the project where I aske you for using your Console example.

Attation: even if you have tricked out the Radiobuttons and choosen the 
compress format you want, the programm freez some times
after executing the 'tar' call, the commands shown on the 'Console' are 
not yet in the right order, and the prompt raised with prossec_error
is lined up in own line.

hope my explications are better now ?



P.S. the  targamb.tar.gz is made by him self.


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