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Charlie karl.reinl at ...9...
Mon Feb 24 20:44:33 CET 2003


installted the new gambas-0.45 and found that my warning from yesterday 
is obsoled today under 0.45.

But on testing LinDiff on  a other  system, I ran into a bug.
The computer was to slow or to fast, but  on creating the /tmp/tmp.diff 
he ditn't find it to read it one line after.

I added WAIT to the EXEC line, this I figured out (some Versions ago) 
had no effect at this time.
But now it workes.

Having no  idea to use correctly 'patch' so I can't send you the changes 
by a LinDiff created *.diff file. I send you the hole project, still 
created by tartgamb with the hole path  stored.

Remember, Benoit are corrected the bug in Application.Path and now you 
can start from ./LinDiff or any other call.

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