[Gambas-user] More help with converting

Charlie karl.reinl at ...9...
Sat Feb 8 22:30:04 CET 2003

SORRY Joseph,

thats bullshit.

Starting at Zero: Programming is to descripe the whole way.

If you say to a about 6 year old child to 'take Bread ', it knows wath 
to do.

To explaine this to a computer, by a, I don't know which programming 

What do you think, what's to do ?

And allways remember: a Computer can't think, has no assosiations and 
does strikly what is 'said'.

The 'take bread' you have to strip in all his parts.
And 'take bread' includes also, after having the bread, comming back home.

Do you know that: 'Finaly right done, it workes'

Sorry had been as negative.


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