[Gambas-devel] Change to gb.db.odbc to use ODBC Connection Strings.

Benoît Minisini gambas at ...1...
Wed Aug 26 01:01:49 CEST 2015

Le 19/08/2015 20:20, zxmarce a écrit :
> Hi guys, first devel post.
> For some time now I needed to be able to use connection strings (à-la MS) in
> the *ODBC* component for connecting to DB Servers. In ODBC parlance, I need
> to use *DSN-less* connections.
> When this all started, I used only packaged Gambas binaries, and knew just a
> bit of C and nothing about Linux. I still do, but I gained some self-trust
> in C and also started tinkering with C unixODBC examples in the 'Net. I even
> made a Gambas3 class to connect using EXTERN calls to *libodbc* to see if
> connection with ConnStrings is possible: It is!
> There are two main issues with this approach:
> 1- My class cannot create and manipulate G3 database objects at low level.
> 2- Given problem 1 above, any existing DB-access program should be remade
> since there's no back-compatibility due to not being able to use native G3
> DB components.
> All this made me look at the *gb.db.odbc* C sources. I downloaded them and
> added an IF and a Function.
> My modified component source calls my new internal function (*static bool
> is_host_a_connstring(char *host_or_cs)*) in order to see if the *.Host
> *property of the *Connection* object is a Host name (no embedded "*;*" or
> "*=*"), or a Connection String (has embedded "*;*" and/or "*=*"). Based on
> the outcome of the function, it calls *SQLConnect* (when a Host) as before,
> or *SQLDriverConnect* (when a ConnString). Those are the only changes, but
> more changes MAY be necessary, I do not really know. That was the only place
> where the component seems to use an ODBC connect call.
> My additions/changes were tested successfully in a C example that used
> SQLConnect which I turned interactive and can now connect to a DSN or using
> a DSN-less, ConnectionString-based approach.
> Now that I have the "new" *gb.db.odbc* component sources, I need three
> things:
> 1- How to compile -if possible- just my ODBC component modified.
> 2- Once compiled, where to install it so G3 can use it, having backed up the
> older one just in case. I have both, 32 and 64 bit Ubuntu 14.04 systems
> available for testing.
> 3- If my tests after compiling and using go OK, whom/where should I send the
> sources for further test and inclusion in the main G3 sources?
> TIA,
> zxMarce.


Sorry for the delayed answer, the new Gambas bugtracker was a bit urgent...

For a small change, just send a patch to the dev. mailing-list, or the 
modified file. The driver is just one source file, so I can check & 
merge the change for you.

Otherwise, generally, you must:
- Use subversion.
- Create a sourceforge account.
- Ask me for a write access to the repository.
- Checkout a local copy of the Gambas source tree.
- Remove all other installation of Gambas from your system.
- Do your changes in it, and do all the configuration / compilation / 
installation stuff in it. You are using the "development version" of 
Gambas now.
- Once everything works, you commit your changes. Everybody else can 
access them, and it will be inserted in the next major release of Gambas.


Benoît Minisini

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