[Gambas-devel] potential for web-based, cross-platform GAMBAS applications

Kevin Fishburne kevinfishburne at ...590...
Mon Aug 29 20:48:20 CEST 2011

I just caught this on Slashdot:


Looks like it's still early on in development, but when it becomes more 
useful I think it has great potential. To summarize from the article:

"Native Client apps live on the web platform, so you don’t need to 
create separate versions of your app for each operating system. Rather 
than relying on OS-specific APIs, Native Client apps use Pepper, a set 
of interfaces that provide C and C++ bindings to the capabilities of 
HTML5. This means that once you’ve ported your code to Native Client, it 
will work across different operating systems, and you only need to 
maintain one code base."

If GAMBAS was made to work with it, any GAMBAS application could be run 
in a browser. As I said, it's not near finished, but I think an eye 
should be kept on it for the future.

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