[Gambas-devel] A few comment about Tommy's changes

Benoît Minisini gambas at ...1...
Sat Aug 6 12:57:18 CEST 2011

> Hi Benoit,
> What a lovely surprise. Great job.
> I just wonder how long did it take you to fix (an hour, less maybe)
> something, I was fighting for three days :). That's the level of may C
> knowledge, so I'll better stick to making projects and eventually sending
> some requests about missing functions (it doesn't mean I don't want to
> learn, I just see I push too much on your side :) ). Do you sleep at all?
> ;)
> Tomek.

I made that, because I think it is faster than explaining everything with 

Tell me if you have any questions about my changes. The aim being that you 
understand them so that you can add other functions or classes more easily 

I suggest you add all needed methods to the GluQuadric and GluNurb classes as 
I told you in a previous mail, so that the user can do either 
Glu.QuadricNormals(quad, normal) or quad.Normals(normal) and so on.

I removed the word "Quadric" from the method name, because it is redondant.

If you have a function (it is an example, I don't know if it is true) named 
Glu.QuadricNormals() that apply a parameter to the quadric, and another 
function that returns the applied value, you can make a property instead of a 

Otherwise, note that your example completely freezes my machine after running 
during a few seconds. I guess the 'nouveau' driver crashed.


Benoît Minisini

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