[Gambas-devel] Well, I kept my promise

Kadaitcha Man nospam.nospam.nospam at ...176...
Wed Dec 9 12:55:36 CET 2009

2009/12/9 Fabien Bodard <gambas.fr at ...176...>:

> i see some contradiction in your mail kadaitcha... on one hand you are
> saying that the logo is imature, on the other ... the wikidoc is too
> complex...

Those were brought up as two distinct ideas, completely separate from
one another, and marked as being completely separate from one another
by 1) numbered 2) points 3) no less. What is the relationship between
the two completely unconnected ideas that causes a contradiction?

> The wiki is a pure technical doc and it's true that is a not a
> beginner book.

Nobody, other than you, suggested that the gambas technical
documentation become something akin to a beginner's book if it were
rewritten in a better and more readable manner. Please show precisely
where in the sample page I provided that one single atom of "pure
technical" information has been made to devolve into something lesser,
let alone something approaching what you are suggesting. You can't
show such a thing because no such thing ever happened, apart from in
your imagination.

> Its a help that is made to rationnally give the info
> for each componant/class/symbol.

I already addressed that point. I don't see a counter-argument from
you. I only see a re-assertion of the same invalid point.

> with that we can make an on the fly popup help for the GB3 Ide ...
> it's what i've begin and it's really fantastic.

WOW! Yes! Really fantastic! And all at the expense of the users having
something they can actually use, make sense out of and become
productive. Users. Such a cheap price to pay.

> What you need to do it's a beginner book...

No. I do not need.

1) Your users need, and want, better documentation.

2) You and Benoit are too close to Gambas to write documentation that
is meaningful to others.

Neither you nor Benoit can see those points at all, nor will either of
you admit them.

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