[Gambas-devel] BUG in File/Open recent/Clear history

Benoit Minisini gambas at ...1...
Thu Mar 20 19:23:16 CET 2008

On jeudi 20 mars 2008, David Villalobos Cambronero wrote:
> Hi Beniot:
> I think I found a Bug in the Gambas IDE.
> The menu: "File/Open recent/Clear history" runs Project.ClearRecent and
> UpdateRecentMenu. The Procedure UpdateRecentMenu has an "INC
> Application.Busy", and when the line "IF NOT mnuOpenRecent.Enabled THEN
> RETURN" is executed the Procedure ends, since
> "Project.GetRecentFiles().Count" is equal to 0 (the history has been clean)
> so the line "DEC Application.Busy" is never reached and Application.Busy =
> 1 so the cursor is in "Wait" state, although the cleaning have finished the
> cleaning.
> I couldn't review Gambas3 to see if there is the same problem.
> It could be fixed (I think) by moving the line FMain::336 ("INC
> Application.Busy") to position 342.
> I wanted to fix and upload the changes, but since I didn't made the IDE I
> prefer to inform.
> Hope I was clear enough.
> Best regards
> David

Thanks for the report. I will fix it in both versions.


Benoit Minisini

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