[Gambas-devel] BUG in File/Open recent/Clear history

David Villalobos Cambronero david_villalobos_c at ...7...
Thu Mar 20 19:17:48 CET 2008

Hi Beniot:

I think I found a Bug in the Gambas IDE.

The menu: "File/Open recent/Clear history" runs Project.ClearRecent and UpdateRecentMenu. The Procedure UpdateRecentMenu has an "INC Application.Busy", and when the line "IF NOT mnuOpenRecent.Enabled THEN RETURN" is executed the Procedure ends, since "Project.GetRecentFiles().Count" is equal to 0 (the history has been clean) so the line "DEC Application.Busy" is never reached and Application.Busy = 1 so the cursor is in "Wait" state, although the cleaning have finished the cleaning.

I couldn't review Gambas3 to see if there is the same problem.

It could be fixed (I think) by moving the line FMain::336 ("INC Application.Busy") to position 342.

I wanted to fix and upload the changes, but since I didn't made the IDE I prefer to inform.

Hope I was clear enough.

Best regards

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