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Wed May 14 18:59:24 CEST 2003

Le Lundi 12 Mai 2003 18:25, Dan Phillips a écrit :
> Wow, my thoughts zactly.  You can call VB developers "bad" but the truth
> is, there is nothing more clean than a single line of code to modify say a
> text field on a form not where the code is written.
> VB does this,
> Kylix does this,
> Delphi does this,
> ScreenIO for Cobol does this.

If everyone do that, it doesn't mean necessary that it is a good thing to do !

> VB has sold a lot of copies and if this compiler has any hopes to adopt VB
> developers, they need to make this small option available.

You are right, but :

- I have nothing to sell.

- I don't want to "adopt" VB developers, I want to have a tool "like" VB on 
Linux, but, above all, better than VB !

> As is, I was excited when I found this language but cannot use it for my
> purposes because I have several forms that need a major amount of
> modification based on code from elsewhere.  Sorry guys, I guess I'm just a
> "bad developer".

See my previous post ! I'm not a nasty man :-)

If I can help VB people to port their programs, I will do it, but only it does 
not break the internal design of the language.

You must know that there are some VB features that will NEVER be implemented 
in Gambas, because it implies too many changes to its internals.

For example: passing arguments by reference.


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