[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #2385: Gambas IDE code text overwriting itself

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Wed Nov 10 20:17:49 CET 2021


Comment #11 by Jason JORDAN:

Sorry to take so long for reply, I'm a windows accountancy software programmer & linux is new to me,
I've spent awhile googling "linux Mate modify QT environment settings" and going down those rabbit holes... with no joy, LOL!

Exasperated, but with the clue from your last post of "DPI" & "75"
I tried (using Ubuntu Mate's "Redmond" UI setting) 
  Menu > preferences > displays > Scaling > 100%        (was auto-detect)

BOOM! Gambas GUI back to fully readable!

I believe your QT scale: 75 observation, was correct, 
appears "auto-detect" for scaling was setting display to 75 DPI
  Menu > preferences > appearance > Fonts > Details > DPI  
    - now set to 96dpi ( was 75dpi )

I apologize for not knowing enough linux yet to set this to something else via command line, and resorting to Ubuntu's GUI tools.

But Gambas IDE back to displaying perfectly :)

Again thank-you for your amazing efforts on open source,
It's people like you, who give the rest of us hope in this big blue ball :)

Jason JORDAN changed the state of the bug to: Accepted.

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