[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #2139: Could html previewer split horizontal too?

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Wed Mar 17 22:24:15 CET 2021


Bruce STEERS reported a new bug.


Could html previewer split horizontal too?

Type             : Request
Priority         : Low
Gambas version   : Master
Product          : Development Environment


Hi Ben.

I looked around the ide code but something like this is beyond me i think as i do not quite understand how you have done things.

I was looking into if it might be easy enough to also make the html previewer split horizontally and not just vertically?

This is not a random idea, i was just editing an md file and wished it did this as it would have been much better for me with the page i was working on.

Many thanks for your time fella :)
Wishing well

System information

Gambas=3.15.90 (bruces-patched) (master fork)

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