[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #2131: differences gtk <--> qt5

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Fri Mar 12 15:44:21 CET 2021


Comment #3 by Michael ALTROGGE:

sorry for beeing late ... had some problems to log into bugtracker

i hope --> Gambas=3.15.90 46eeffa (master) ... sounds better to you

----- 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
There's no need to provide you with a project!

- Just open any project you like
- be sure your project is on gb.gui
- Debug --> GUI --> GTK2/GTK3
- run

everything is ok (running project use the dark theme, properties of the usercontrol as wanted and aspected)

- Debug --> GUI --> QT5 (i have no QT4)
- run

everything is bullshit (no dark theme, properties of the usercontrol complete messed up)

----- 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- build a project with gb.gui (form --> button --> which execute "shell gambas3")
- set GUI to gtk
- run

everything is ok (gambas use the dark theme)

- set GUI to qt5
- run

bullshit again (gambas NOT use the dark theme)

Michael ALTROGGE changed the state of the bug to: Accepted.

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