[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #2229: Data Breakpoiint not initializing stored expression value on Start Run

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Fri Jun 4 01:30:59 CEST 2021


Comment #5 by John ANDERSON:

OH - I see the confusion.  The Data Breakpoint is looking for change in x before x even exists in code.  It's like big-bang theory - the moment the program is started from reset condition, NO variables should exist UNTIL they are declared with initial value.  So Data Breakpoint has to be disabled from looking for "change in x" until AFTER "x" is declared AND initialized.  Only after 'x' is declared and initialized can Data Breakpoint start monitoring.

Then it will work as expected I think.  Otherwise Data Breakpoint is just looking at noise when a program very first starts up.

It seems to be working otherwise.

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