[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #2161: package specifications, little errors and lack of transitions or upgrades

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Tue Apr 27 11:56:45 CEST 2021



I am study the case of packaging guidelines, for now about development part and runtime some fixed must be made; those are the two law on packaging guidelines:

1. gambas3-dev-tools is an essential package to BUILD gambas code so gambas3-ide MUST DEPEND ON! this fix the problem in the ppa, that's is not addressed
2. gambas3-runtime is am essential package to RUN gambas programs so gambas3-ide AND ANY OTHER GAMBAS MADE PACKAGE MUST DEPEND ON! including the gambas3-dev-tools!


1. but RPM neither DPKG tools are able to calculate dependencies if you made custom rules for (i mean the gambas ide are not in distributions, so each gambas made program cannot be packaged in normal way for each linux distributor)
2. in wiki packagin guidelines the "Gambas development package" are named "gambas-ide" and this is only the "Gambas Integated Editor", the development environmet is ALL need to develop, not just the ide, "gambas3" and the buch of all packages is "all the development environment". so this are consfused and not compatible with distros guidelines


1. "gambas3" is a development languaje so all "the development environment" is all the packages, not only "gambas3-ide" that's is only the "integrated development environment"
2. "gambas3-ide" is only the Editor and graphical development environment, developers still can develop without that of course
3. "gambas3-dev-tools" must be a dependency on the "gambas3-ide", and this one then must depends on "gambas3-runtime"
4. Gambas IDE said that "relies" on external tools but does not depends on (still can work without), so the right word must be "Recommends" because the "optional" word is only for some of those tools. I checked the code and there's no checks around for, so IDE can start normally.

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