[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #1995: Webview.Settings[value] makes gtk webview freeze

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Sun Dec 6 19:56:20 CET 2020


Comment #8 by Bruce STEERS:

aah well we will have to agree to disagree there my friend.
I think when it comes to others understanding yours or my code comments are not only informative but can be educational.

I don't mean full commenting like i tend to do as I a lot of my simple progs are meant as examples I hope will help teach others all they need to know, so guiding them through it, someone else's code is often like reading a foreign language. So i think it helps.

I Just mean little summaries for any public functions you might want someone else to take the time to write some wiki info so you don't have to.
And not on the obvious stuff of course.

Of course, my code makes perfect sense to me, yours does to you. The "obvious" to you and I are different though.
I think under normal personal coding practices I see your point but code intended to be shared with/understood by others could do with some summary comments at least.

I cannot argue with the fact indenting makes for easier reading / understanding.

But you have to agree a little commenting would only help others and you.

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