[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #1531: the "packagin" page wiki are not understandable! or not well xplained!

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YEah you understand very well my question.. some notes:

> The problem is here: gb.gui.qt needs either gb.qt4 or gb.qt5, and gb.qui.qt.webkit needs either gb.qt4.webkit or gb.qt5.webit, but both them needs (of course) the same version of qt. Alas, as far as I know, there is no way to express these kind of dependencies with 'rpm' or 'deb' packages. I agree, I should have clarify that. I will update the wiki to say the the IDE package must depends on either gb.qt4 + gb.qt4.webkit, or gb.qt5 + gb.qt5.webkit, at the choice of the packager.

Debian official package already solved that but rest of distributions does not! That includes the arch pacakges and ppa winbuntu repositories in special!

> As for the runtime package: no, they do not depend or rely on any GUI package. I don't understand what you wrote, so I'm not sure to answer the question.

if you see the wiki said that at the runtime package specs: "It contains....... " and later said "And the following components: ....The gb.gui component: " so must "contains" or "relies" or "depends!" ????

> The IDE needs gb.gui.qt and gb.gui.qt.webkit. But as these components must be included in the runtime package, and as the IDE requires that runtime  package, it gets them.

for that: It's really a paind understandt that for non-english speakers.. and you said that:

> It's really a pain to read you! Please, again, make an effort to write something that looks like English enough to be understandable!

incredible! that text was translated with the deep-translator provided to me by yours!

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