[Gambas-user] HttpForm Bugtracker login fails with HTTP errors

Benoit Minisini benoit.minisini at gambas-basic.org
Wed May 18 23:54:04 CEST 2022

I tried, and I got no HTTP error. I received the page with the 
"identification has failed" message.

Benoît Minisini

Le 18/05/2022 à 19:36, T Lee Davidson a écrit :
> I've been attempting to create a HttpForm example and arbitrarily 
> decided to log in the the Bugtracker and retrieve the first page of 
> listed bugs. However, there are errors in the HTTP communication.
> With correct login credentials:
> If HttpForm.Redirect is False, the error is, "HTTP error before end of 
> send, stop sending".
> If HttpForm.Redirect is True, there is a 302 redirect and the error is a 
> Curl -1065, "necessary data rewind wasn't possible".
> To confirm or eliminate CloudFlare as the cause of the issue, I found 
> another site that uses CloudFlare and which provides a simple login form 
> (Attracta[dot]com). The login of course fails since the login 
> credentials are fake, but the HTTP communication works as expected.
> So, could this be an issue with the Bugtracker code, with Curl, or ...?
> ("TestGraphical" attached.)
> BTW, Benoît, I noticed that when creating a source archive as a 
> ".gmail.txt" archive and there is already an existing ".gmail.txt" 
> archive, no dialog pops up informing that the file already exists and 
> asking to Overwrite or Cancel. But, if only a standard archive exists 
> when creating a new ".gmail.txt" archive, there is a dialog asking to 
> Overwrite or Cancel even though the created filename would be different.
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