[Gambas-user] Changes after updating (either gambas or system-things)

Hartmut Wagener hartmut.w.wagener at t-online.de
Sun Jul 4 22:29:12 CEST 2021

Here is my project file, thanks for helping me and perhaps others...

I have added a setfocus in Form_Open and many Panelx.refresh in 
Buttonx.getfocus and Buttinx.lostfocus to get it running

I must have a look how to catch the cursor-presses, they are not inside 
the strings of keypress-event, or am i mistaken here?



Am 04.07.21 um 18:08 schrieb Benoît Minisini:
> Le 04/07/2021 à 18:02, Hartmut Wagener a écrit :
>> I have a programs running that is called by a keyboard-shortcut.
>> The program is used to show a list of graphical programs to choose from.
>> It is made of 15 buttons (Button1-Button15) and the same amount of 
>> panels containing a label.
>> Blender-Starter
>> After an update this tool did not react as before. In the past it was 
>> possible to navigate through the buttons by using either the 
>> TAB-button, but also the cursor-buttons were used to navigate. The 
>> cursor-buttons don't work anymore...
>> But the navigation was disabled cause the Button1 did not get the 
>> Focus after starting, i had to add the line "Button1.setfocus" to get 
>> it to work again.
>> When changing the focus with TAB the color of the buttan and the 
>> panel should change. That worked for the button, but not for the 
>> panels, so i had to put the line "Panelx.refresh" to every gotfocus 
>> and lostfocus-part with x numbering the panel number.
>> Any hints why this happens after an update? I am not sure when this 
>> update happens, cause arch Linux is a rolling release and the causes 
>> showed up when needing one of the programs.
>> Thanks a lot, regards
>> Hartmut
>> ----[ http://gambaswiki.org/wiki/doc/netiquette ]----
> Focus management has been hijacked recently so that it behave the same 
> both in QT and GTK+ Gambas components (look at the commit logs for the 
> detail).
> Please provide your project (or part of it) so that I can check and 
> fix the behaviour against what you are describing.
> Note that the arrow keys do not move the focus anymore because they 
> are ambiguous. So you will have to do it yourself.
> Regards,
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