[Gambas-user] Changes after updating (either gambas or system-things)

Hartmut Wagener hartmut.w.wagener at t-online.de
Sun Jul 4 18:02:50 CEST 2021

I have a programs running that is called by a keyboard-shortcut.

The program is used to show a list of graphical programs to choose from.

It is made of 15 buttons (Button1-Button15) and the same amount of 
panels containing a label.


After an update this tool did not react as before. In the past it was 
possible to navigate through the buttons by using either the TAB-button, 
but also the cursor-buttons were used to navigate. The cursor-buttons 
don't work anymore...

But the navigation was disabled cause the Button1 did not get the Focus 
after starting, i had to add the line "Button1.setfocus" to get it to 
work again.

When changing the focus with TAB the color of the buttan and the panel 
should change. That worked for the button, but not for the panels, so i 
had to put the line "Panelx.refresh" to every gotfocus and 
lostfocus-part with x numbering the panel number.

Any hints why this happens after an update? I am not sure when this 
update happens, cause arch Linux is a rolling release and the causes 
showed up when needing one of the programs.

Thanks a lot, regards


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