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Brian G brian at westwoodsvcs.com
Fri Jul 31 20:48:02 CEST 2020

Yes, If you can help me create an identical virtual machine here that matches your machine, I am not sure how to use dpkg to do this type of restore,
Maybe you could give me a few pointers. I would like to figure out what the difference is in your environment that causes the components to be sorted and loaded in a different order   ....  for sure!

If you are willing I can give you access to the virtual machine server, its using qemu/KVM , once I do the initial restore, maybe you can verify its the same as your configuration.

Thank You
Brian G

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Hello Brian,

Am 30.07.20 um 08:25 schrieb Brian G:

> In this case the test is being applied to existing code. I am doing
> my best to use test without doing a major rewrite of the the very
> good code implemented by Benoît Minisini and Fabien Bodard.
> I am thinking to remove the test code as right now it would seem that
> perhaps it is not suitable to retrofit the tester into existing code.

No, please don't do that. There are possibilities to avoid that the
whole project's test fails.

If a test fails but should not be reported as failure you can mark it as


Test.TODO("Description why the next assertion is a TODO.")
Assert.Ok(False, "Must be true")

This will ensure that the whole project will not fail because of this.
As long as this single test fails, it will be marked as "Todo" in the
summary and as soon as it is fixed it will be marked as "Bonus" until
the line with 'Test.TODO' is being removed.

> It has been very helpful in detecting some bugs in the code. and also
> extending my understanding of it. It would be nice to keep it but it
> appears that not all systems are equal, and the code is working
> including the test modules in all of the following systems, but not
> your system.

I tested it on two different machines, but with the same Ubuntu on it
and quite the same packages.

> I have now tested the code with the test framework, on ubuntu
> 18,ubuntu 20, Debian bullseye, mint 19.3 & 20.0, suse 15.2, arch, all
> seem to work correctly, each was also configured for fr_FR UTF-8,
> de_DE UTF-8, it_IT UTF-8. en_US UTF-8, I also tested 8859-1. with the
> test module and it passes in every language and and character code
> type.

Wow! Lots of work!

> Except Arch, where I discovered and fixed why you were getting the
> first error, Arch makes you select and install each part of gambas
> separately LOL!
> I also tested it on mint 19.2 32 bit, and raspi os 32 bit systems,
> and they both seem to work correctly as well!
> I am concerned that it happens differently on your computer, would it
> be possible to have a logon to your computer to do some testing?

Ugh ... I think that is not possible, because I had to change firewall
settings in my networks ... and I won't do that because I hate poking
around in our firewalls.

But: It's an Ubuntu system, so I can give you a list of every package
installed (dpkg --get-selections) so that you can restore it on a
virtual machine if you want.

> I have run scripter thru, a large number of scripts in each case on
> the systems mentioned, and it seems to be functioning correctly with
> the scripts I have written for system management and for a number of
> test scripts designed to exercise the scripter and using gambas3 3.15
> code base.
> Referring back to the test output with error you sent:
> I am a little disappointed that I can not easily find the reason it
> is behaving differently for you during the test of component sorted
> order causing the second error.
> I believe the first error that your getting is because the
> gambas-gb-inotify component is not installed on your system not
> because of language as was first thought.

Yes you're right. I just installed gambas3-gb-inotify, now it looks like
so (only one test fails):

> # 1 tests failed:
> # 1: TcMMainFunctions:FullReadCompileCheck -- Test a Basic App with all supported types

Alles Gute

Christof Thalhofer

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