[Gambas-user] String array items filling ComboBox gives unexpected Click event with Index value of -1 and invalid Max property

John Rose john.aaron.rose at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 10:46:04 CEST 2020

Using Gambas 3.15 from stable builds.

I have a string array sProgrammes. The first item in the array passes 
validation and is split into 4 strings: sIndex, sName, sChannel & sPID 
(e.g. the first Programme with value of "51:    A History of Art in 
Three Colours - Blue, BBC Four, b01lcz2s" is split as follows:
sIndex=51, sName="A History of Art in Three Colours - Blue", 
sChannel="BBC Four", sPID="b01lcz2s"
The code should then add each value to its correspondingly named 
ComboBox. At the end of the code, the idea is for the user to select an 
item in ComboBoxName and for the app to display the corresponding values 
in the appropriate ComboBoxes

What seems to happen is that the Click event's code for ComboBoxName is 
entered. I see no reason why that should happen. Also, the 
ComboBoxName's Index property is set to-1 as though the Click event has 
not happened!

When I put Print ComboBoxName.Max after the first Next code line (in 
Form_Open), there is a runtime problem, which I'm baffled by.

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