[Gambas-user] Segmentation Fault - Deserialization

Brian G brian at westwoodsvcs.com
Thu Jul 16 20:43:38 CEST 2020

Is it possible to see the class definition you are using
How you write the _read and _write methods
Brian Thursday, 16 July 2020, 10:26AM -07:00 from Gianluigi  bagonergi at gmail.com :

>Il giorno gio 16 lug 2020 alle ore 18:32 Matthew Collins < matthew.charles.collins.75 at gmail.com> ha scritto:
>>Try this project attached...  i get segmentation fault....
>But in the wiki it says "as Object" or "as Variant" if you change to Variant it works.
>Why should it work with Class1?
>However, I think the error should be handled by Gambas.
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