[Gambas-user] Locale message (offtopic)

Jesus Guardon admin at gambas-es.org
Wed Jul 8 00:56:34 CEST 2020

El 08/07/20 a las 00:10, Jussi Lahtinen escribió:
>> Indentation is mandatory there, as it should be in all programming
>> languages, for
>> better visibility of blocks and better understanding at a glance.
> Indentation as syntax is absolutely horrible idea. It has zero benefits and
> a lot of down sides like easy silent bugs, hard to move code by copy&paste,
> etc. If you need it for readability, then just click on the automatic
> indentation.
> Jussi

Not only indentation as syntax, but rules as PEP8 contributes to code 
readability  and makes language less prone to syntax bugs, BTW.

If I would be programming in a team, I'll stick with these rules for 
convenience, but some gambas programmers seem to not work in teams 
and/or refuse to stop bad habits from the past inherited from VB6 era.

How can be gambas be taken as a serious programming language by seeing 
all that messy code spreading everywhere?

Well, everyone has an opinion as well as everybody are free to choose 
for themselves.

Best regards,


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