[Gambas-user] Locale message (offtopic)

Jesus Guardon admin at gambas-es.org
Tue Jul 7 13:34:36 CEST 2020

El 07/07/20 a las 13:06, John Rose escribió:

> I don't believe in indenting lines of code which are part of a Sub, 
> since I can see the start and end of a Sub by a line between each Sub. I 
> do indent lies in such constructs as If, For & Select.
> John

Hope you don't have to program on Python, though. Indentation is 
mandatory there, as it should be in all programming languages, for 
better visibility of blocks and better understanding at a glance.

But I respect your decision. If you ever change your mind, Gambas has 
the ability of doing it for you, check the preferences dialog for 
automatic indentation.

Best regards,


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