[Gambas-user] Exec Command problem

John Rose john.aaron.rose at gmail.com
Sun Jul 5 09:25:34 CEST 2020

When I use the following Exec command in a Terminal, I get thousands of 
lines generated to Standard Output:
get-iplayer  .  --Type=TV

I have attached the output (get-iplayer.output.txt in attached zip file) 
of the above Terminal command:
using the command: get-iplayer . --Type=TV 

The TestApp application is in the attached zip file which calls the 
above Terminal command from its Form_Open sub using an Exec command of 
the form:
Exec ["get-iplayer", ". --Type=TV"] Wait For Read As "getiplayerMessages"

This appears to only generate a few lines as shown on the TestApp 
screenshot (in the attached zip file). This is confirmed by the Console 
output. Why is this happening?

I have tried amending the Exec command in various ways:
Exec ["get-iplayer", ".", "--Type=TV"] Wait For Read As 
Exec ["get-iplayer . --Type=TV"] Wait For Read As "getiplayerMessages"
but all give the same problem.

I am using latest stable version of Gambas (3.14.3).

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