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John Rose john.aaron.rose at gmail.com
Fri Jul 3 15:15:32 CEST 2020

When I try to run the terminal program get-iplayer using the Exec verb 
as in:
Exec ["get-iplayer", ".", "--type=" & "TV"] Wait For Read As 
I get:
/bin/bash: warning: setlocale: LC_ALL: cannot change locale (en_GB.UTF-8)

This occurs in:
Sub getiplayerMessages_Error
as evidenced by Print "GIME" generating Console output.

When I run the same terminal program get-iplayer in the Terminal, it 
works OK.

To install get-iplayer (in Ubuntu 18.04) I used "snap install get-iplayer".

TestApp attached.

Interestingly, "cat /etc/locale.gen" shows:
# en_GB ISO-8859-1
# en_GB.ISO-8859-15 ISO-8859-15
# en_GB.UTF-8 UTF-8

I presume that these lines should be uncommented but the /etc/locale.gen 
has not been changed since 2019:
john at JohnPC:~$ ls -l /etc/locale.gen
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 9395 Feb 12  2019 /etc/locale.gen

I don't understand why running get-iplayer in Terminal works but it 
fails when being "Exec"d from Gambas (using latest stable version 3.14.3).

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