[Gambas-user] Gambas on Windows

Martin Cristia tercoide at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 23 13:12:17 CET 2020

Will swich to VcXsrv and give it a second try.

>     I haven't proceeded as far as you did, Martin, but at least I
>     managed to
>     install Gambas and VcXsrv. Everything runs fine, the only thing is that
>     I can start WSL and all Xserver application under Admin rights only. If
>     you happen to know how to fix this, please let me know. I am not so
>     experienced with modern Windows.
>     When installing Gambas, a whole bunch of libraries is installed with
>     it,
>     such as the core GTK and Qt libraries. The Gambas IDE can be started,
>     and a simple first project runs. The whole appearence is somewhat...
>     well, crude, like an old TclTK or GTK application, but alas, it runs.
>     There is one thing I could not solve yet, i. e. mounting a drive which
>     is a Samba drive on the windows host. I have mounted one Linux server's
>     partition as drive Y: on the Windows to have access to student data
>     otherwise managed by Linux software on the server itself. For my
>     project, I would need access to this drive.
>     So WSL would have to mount Y:. Any idea how to achieve this?
>     Regards
>     Rolf

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