[Gambas-user] Update in fedora screwed up printing

Benoît Minisini g4mba5 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 13 21:59:17 CET 2020

Le 13/01/2020 à 21:34, Steve a écrit :
> The print that I do is never going to be like on screen. It MUST be
> done in mm always. The absolute values to move the Y value is
> required because everything printing must be exact regardless of what
> it is sent to. I understand now how to set the sizes. I had to set
> the fontscale to 0.25 and now even the blank pages are fixed.
> To answer what you think is problems in my code,
> You can't do a print preview or select a printer for a receipt. Think
>  about it, do you want a cashier to always have to select a printer?
> It just has to come out with a single button press and be consistent.
> They are way too busy to worry about selecting printers or doing
> previews. I try to remove the user as much as possible. so I need to
> have this working like it was before which worked perfectly every
> time. What you see as problems are necessity for the type of job
> being done. All the variables you are mentioning are very static in
> this application. The dynamics you added are wreaking havoc on this.

Ha, ok! I didn't really understood what you printed exactly. English is
really not my native language! Of course everything makes sense now.

> In other projects what you are saying would be true but not in a 
> specialized function like point of sale. user input is severely 
> restricted because cashiers are not typically the smartest people.
> Sorry to say that. In this type of application there are never
> changes to font styles or sizes. Paper size is also never changed.
> Thank you for the help. I am implementing that fix in all printing 
> projects which is point of sale only. That simple thing saved my
> sanity which as you can tell was going away quickly.
> If I didn't say I love gambas it is simple to work with and powerful.
> It has solved or helped me solve many problems. it is a tool I rely
> heavily on and lost when there is a malfunction like this. So the
> change was devastating to me.

As I said, the change was made because the point size you set was not
true points as it should. And of course fixing that implies breaking all
code that don't use the actual size of the text (Paint.TextSize).

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I don't see how I could have done
differently. I was trusting the GUI toolkits and I was wrong.

Another point: always read carefully the changelogs when you update,
even if they are hundred of changes!

And next time you have the problem, send all the details about the
versions and the code so that we can guess which change broke what.

Last point: as for the "global variable" thing, the bug will be fixed in
the next stable release.


Benoît Minisini

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