[Gambas-user] writing Path has changed!?

Karl Reinl karl.reinl at fen-net.de
Mon Jan 13 20:40:23 CET 2020


had problems after update two days ago.
My program crashed.
The reason was the way how I loaded pictures till now: 
	o.picture = Picture["./img/table.png"] 
Nowadays gambas3 don't like this anymore, you have to write.
	o.picture = Picture["../img/table.png"] 

Somewhere happened between 16.Dec and 11. Jan, I think at 

9512d2bf266907a44c8474a97071558d3152315d Class.Stat() now understands the ".../" syntax to look for classes in the current project.

Hope that helps you if you lost your pictures on buttons etc.


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