[Gambas-user] New update has screwed everything up.

Steve G simonlebon54 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 10 03:09:57 CET 2020

I don't have the version available right now but I will get that for you. The global variables the way they were being declared became read only so they had to be declared differently. As far as the print I have multiple problems with that. Font sizes have changed their either miniscule or huge. I am currently going through every single program that prints and adjusting the font size is down two to four points each. I also occasionally get blank prints. I do not recall what version I was using but I did a update for all software and this is when all these problems kicked in. I also recall seeing something about other people having problems with various aspects of the new updates. I'm very upset about this because it looks like nobody bothered testing it. Even though I know that could not be the case. Bottom line I'm having massive problems in print. Problems that were not there until after the update. Perhaps you thought you were cleaning something up not thinking that people might be using it that way.

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On Jan 9, 2020, 16:46, at 16:46, "Benoît Minisini" <g4mba5 at gmail.com> wrote:
>Le 10/01/2020 à 02:33, Steve G via User a écrit :
>> Using Fedora 30 and 31. Whatever the new runtime update is that came
>> it changed how Global variables are declared which is caused me a lot
>> grief. It is also changed printing Styles. Seems as though the font
>> is no longer accepted. So my printing of things like receipts for 
>> people, is horribly screwed up. Is there an easy fix to this so that
>> works like it did before? Or am I going to have to spend months 
>> rewriting print so that it works right again?
>Which version of Gambas do you have?
>Which version did you use before?
>What are you talking about?
>There is no change in "how Global variables are declared". No idea what
>you mean.
>Same thing for "the font size is no longer accepted". What does it
>Benoît Minisini
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